Selkirk 2nds Vanquish Hawick

Selkirk’s 2nd XI edged out Hawick at Philiphaugh on Sunday to open their campaign with a deserved, but narrow, victory. Batting first the young Souters paid little heed to the fact that they had 40 overs in which to compile a score and, instead, played fast and loose with the Hawick bowling.

That ensured that runs flew and wickets fell at a rate that alarmed both sides. Though Darren Fenton was dismissed by the first legitimate ball of the innings his younger brother Greg and Jordan Reid played aggressively and attractively for 34 and 29 respectively.

Unfortunately the rest of the batsmen failed to capitalise on this good start and from a position of 78 for 3 Selkirk collapsed to 101 all-out as new batsmen struggled to adjust to the slowness of the pitch and found themselves either playing too soon or simply playing the wrong shot. For Hawick, Anderson was the pick of the bowlers though his figres of 5 for 7 in just 3.3 overs were greatly assisted by some ill-disciplined batting.

Hawick adopted a different approach when it came to their innings. Where Selkirk had dashed for boundaries, Hawick opted to grind theur way towards the target. It was dour, even turgid, stuff at times and though Selkirk pressed hard their bowlers found it hard to make the breakthrough. They were not helped by a succession of dropped catches that could easily, in the end, have cost them the game. This failing, mind you, was matched by Hawick’s generous running between the wickets which produced two needless run outs.

Baillie was the pick of the Hawick batsman, picking his way to a score of 31. Demonstrating how the Hawick batsman struggled to put even bad balls away, however, Extras, with 26, was the second-top scorer.

The decisive moment came when skipper Blair Amos handed the ball to Greg Fenton whose leg-spin broke Hawick’s resistance. Varying speed and flight intelligently and getting considerable turn, Fenton took the key wicket when he bamboozled Moffat with a delightful delivery. That brought C Solley to the crease with Hawick still needing seven runs to win. He too fell to Fenton however as Selkirk won a fine victory.

Selkirk Innings:

D Fenton       ct b Baillie                                0
J Reid            b Macdougal                            29
G Fenton       ct Hair b Watson                    34
D Gardiner    ct Baillie b Watson                11
I Gardiner      lbw b Macdougal                   0
J Graham       ct Macdougal b Anderson   3
L Oliver           ct Storey b Anderson           11
B Amos           ct Hair b Anderson               3
C McDonald   b Anderson                            1
G Haldane      b Anderson                            0
A Massie        Not Out                                   0

Extras:                                                              9

Total: 101

Bowling: Baillie 4-0-19-, Storey 3-0-16-0, Watson 4-0-33-2, Macdougal 6-0-23-2, Anderson, 3.3-0-7-5, Solley 1-0-2-0

Hawick Innings:

G Watson          b Amos                                4
D Solley             ct Graham b I Gardiner    11
C Baillie             ct McDonald b G Fenton  31
S Hair                 b Reid                                   4
N Storey             ct Graham b Amos             6
P Solley              b D Fenton                           0
C Macdougal     Run Out                                0
A Moffat              b G Fenton                          5
D Anderson       Run Out                               4
L Nichol              Not Out                               0
C Solley              b G Fenton                          0

Extras:                                                             26

Total: 94

Bowling: D Fenton 6-0-17-1, B Amos 6-0-14-2, L Oliver 5-0-13-0, D Gardiner 4-0-11-0, J Reid 4-0-6-1, I Gardiner 3-0-10-1, G Fenton 5-0-21-3

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