Gala Too Strong for Selkirk. Again.

Selkirk’s hopes of regaining possession of the Rae Nichol Memorial trophy were undone by a devastating spell from Scott Paterson who, opening the bowling, took 5 for 19 off nine overs to break the back of the Selkirk innings.

Selkirk had won the toss and, in perfect conditions, chosen to bat first. However Gentleman fell to Mein with the score on jst 2 before Paterson began to wreak havoc, dismissing Kenny Paterson, Greg and Darren Fenton, Bob Wilkinson and Jordan Reid to leave Selkirk 47 for 6.

Rory Banks was the only batsman to make a telling contribution with four boundaries in his 21. However it was not enough and, again, the Selkirk batting proved too brittle to give the club’s bowlers a defensible target. 81 all out in just 23 overs was a disappointing return.

Even so, the Selkirk bowling was more erratic than might have been considered ideal as Halls and Boland ensured that the visitors would not produce a dramatic, improbable comeback. Halls’s 29 came off just 37 balls as he took advantage of some wayward deliveries while Boland’s 17 came off 24 deliveries.

The Gala openers added 49 before Reid bowled Boland and although Wilkinson claimed two late wickets it was much too little, much too late as Selkirk fell some way short again.

Suddenly the bright start to the season seen at Kelso seems a long way distant. Runs are at a premium and needed fast.

Gala vs Selkirk, Meigle Park, May 22nd 2010. Selkirk won the toss and elected to bat.Gala won by seven wickets.

Selkirk Innings:

N Gentleman     c Millar b Mein 2
G Fenton         c Halls b Paterson 15
K Paterson     lbw b Paterson 1
D Fenton         c Millar b Paterson 4
R Wilkinson     lbw b Paterson 2
J Reid         c Boland b Paterson 8
R Banks         c Mein b Lawrie 21
I Gardner         b Lawrie 14
L Oliver         c Boland b Lawrie 0
R Wilkie         c Boland b Ormiston 3
J Graham         not out 3

Extras: b- 5 lb –0 w– 2 nb- 1 = 8

Total for 10 wickets 81

Fall of wickets: 1-2(1)  2-10(3)  3-20(4)  4-26(2)  5-32(5)  6-47(6)  7-69(7)  8-69(9)  9-72(10)  10-81(8)

Bowling: K Mein 10-1-40-1 S Paterson 9-3-19-5 G Ormiston 2-0-9-1 A Lawrie 2-0-8-3

Gala Innings :

S Halls         c Banks b Wilkinson 29
D Boland         b Reid 17
A Niven         c Banks b Wilkinson 18
K Mein         not out 4
N Crooks         not out 0

Extras: b- 4 lb – 1 w–10 nb- 0 – 15

Total for 3 wickets 83

Fall of wickets: 1-49(2)  2-71(1)  3-81(3)

Bowling: K Paterson 2-0-10-0 D Fenton 3-0-21-0  L Oliver 1-0-11-0 R Banks 2-0-6-0 J Reid 3-0-12-1  G Fenton 3-0-8-0 R Wilkinson 1.4-0-9-2

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