Selkirk 2nds Prevail in a Melrose Thriller

Selkirk held off a valiant Melrose fightback to win a thrilling victory and remain unbeaten in the Border Reserve League. Chasing 158, Melrose seemed doomed as eight wickets fell before the home side had reached 80.

Some muscular hitting from Runciman, aided by some loose Selkirk bowling, gave Melrose some hope. Even so, when Ward joined McKay for the final wicket Melrose  were still more than 60 runs short of their target.

With McKay cutting deftly and Ward heaving some errant bowling through midwicket Melrose inched closer and closer to their target, putting Selkirk under real pressure for the first time in the match. Entering the final over Melrose needed just five runs to win and seemed poised for victory until Ward spooned Greg Fenton to extra cover where Oliver held on to a simple catch to seal a dramatic victory for Selkirk.

Earlier, Melrose’s generosity in the field had helped the visitors post a respectable total. Greg Fenton was dropped three times before he’d reached ten while Banks was also dropped early in his innings. Thereafter, however, the pair put together a century stand before the last seven wickets fell for just 35 runs.

A total of 158 was some way short of what Selkirk should have scored but, in the end, it proved enough. But only just and only by two runs.

Asked to bat first

Selkirk 2nd XI Innings

G Fenton         b Rajhan 60
J Reid        ct Roberts b Murray 0
D Fenton        ct Rhatigan b Murray 1
R Banks*        ct Loftus b Rhatigan 54
I Gardiner+    ct McKay b Rajhan 0
R Wilkie        ct Rhatigan b Murray 3
J Graham        b Murray 3
L Oliver        ct Murray b Rhatigan 11
A Pickersgile    Not Out 3
A Massie        Run Out 0
R Purves        ct McKay b Ward 3

Extras: 20

Total: 158 All Out

Bowling: Ward 5-0-11-1, Murray 8-0-21-4, Irvine-Robertson 3-0-26-0, Loftus 4-0-43-0, Rhatigan 4-0-24-2, Rajhan 6-0-30-3

Melrose 2nd XI Innings

A Adams            b D Fenton 5
A Irvine-Robertson    b Reid 0
A Rajhan            b D Fenton 15
R Murray            b Reid 8
J Loftus            b Reid 4
D Rhatigan        b G Fenton 2
A Rajnish            b Oliver 2
R Roberts            b G Fenton 1
M Runciman        ct Banks b Purves 25
S McKay+            Not Out 22
R Ward*            ct Oliver b G Fenton 39

Extras: 33

Total: 156 All Out

Bowling: D Fenton 8-3-29-1, Reid 8-1-19-3, G Fenton 7.4-2-17-4, Oliver 6-0-30-1, Wilkie 2-0-10-0, Massie 1-0-9-0, Pickersgile 1-0-6-0, Purves 2-0-6-1, Graham 1-0-4-0, Banks 4-0-18-0

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