Muckle Ado About Not Enough Runs

Apologies for the lateness of this report and it’s not at all clear that, given the sorry tale it relates, the wait is worth it.

Not for the first time this season Selkirk’s inability to post a competitive target made matters more difficult for the home side than might be considered ideal. Batting first, Selkirk struggled to get any real momentum against a characteristically miserly Langholm attack for whom Park was in especialy miserly form.

Indeed only Greg Fenton and Kenny Paterson made any headway at all, being the only batsmen to make it into double figures, let alone past 20. No fewer than seven Selkirk batsmen were caught out reinforcing the impression that shot selection and self-restraint remain issues to be addressed.

For their part, Langholm were never in much trouble and the only real blow Selkirk landed came when Park top-edged a bouncer from Fenton into his own face Park was felled by a Paterson bouncer and forced to retire, bloodied and battered, from the fray.

That was as bad as matters got for the men from the Muckle Toon, however, as they strolled to a disappointingly comprehensive victory.

Selkirk vs Langholm, Philiphaugh, May 29th 2010.

Langholm won by 8 wickets.

Selkirk Innings:

G Fenton            LBW b Park 24
R Banks            ct C Stewart b Elliot 0
N Gentleman        ct Elliot b Johnstone 9
D Fenton            ct C Stewart b Johnstone 7
K Paterson*        ct Elliot b Little 30
B Wilkinson        ct C Stewart b Johnstone 4
J Reid            ct C Stewart b johnstone 0
I Gardiner+        Not Out 6
L Oliver            Ct Elliot b Little 0
J Graham            b Turk 1
I Banks            LBW Park 1

Extras:    5

Total:    90 All Out

Bowling: Elliot 5-0-23-1, Park 6.3-3-6-2, Johnstone 8-2-15-4, Turk 8-0-39-1, Little 2-0-4-2

Langholm Innings:

G Park        Retired Hurt 0
D Elliot        b Wilkinson 15
A Bell        b Reid 34
E Wilson        Not Out 17
C Turk        Not Out 22

Total: 93/2

Bowling: Paterson 8-3-32-0, D Fenton 5-0-26-0, Reid 6-1-14-1, Wilkinson 5-2-11-1, G Fenton 3-1-6-0

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One Response to Muckle Ado About Not Enough Runs

  1. kenny says:

    Cmon Alex get it right! It was ma bouncer and he never got near it to edge it.

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