Melrose Come Close. But Not Close Enough.

Selkirk’s Border League campaign – hitherto generously described as faltering – took a turn for the better on June 12th when a much-improved batting display at last gave the bowlers a competitive total to defend. Even then it was a damn close run thing as Melrose rallied to come perilously close to snatching victory themselves.

That owed much to Greg Fenton’s first major contribution of the season, while Bob Wilkinson continued to indulge his appetite for runs against Melrose and might have made it tothe 50 mark himself had he not run out of partners. Fenton’s 68 owed something to good fortune but that need not detract from what was a splendid knock.

For the home side, Colin Green’s 88* was almost, but not quite enough as only Paisley proved able to offer any great measure of support.

Selkirk vs Melrose, Huntlyburn, June 12th 2010. Selkirk won by five runs.

J Everitt, c Scott b Jessop 9
G Fenton, c Jessop b Murray 68
R Banks, c Scott b Loftus 18
D Fenton, c Runciman b Paisley 3
R Wilkinson, not out 39
J Reid, b McKay 4
I Buckley, b Murray 4
L Oliver, c Runciman b McKay 10
J Graham, st Green b McKay 0
R Wilkie, b McKay 1
I Banks, c Chisholm b Ratland 3
Extras 17
Total all out 176

C. Green, not out 88
C. Chisholm, c Oliver b Fenton 1
E. Jessop, b Wilkinson 11
C. Paisley, b Oliver 31
B. Scott, b Fenton 4
E. Wetherley, b Wilkinson 13
R. Murray, run out 0
M. Runciman, not out 1
Extras 22
Total for 6 171

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