A Night to Forget

Shocking. Dismal. Calamitous. Appalling. All pretty damning but still inadequate words to describe Selkirk’s capitulation to Gala on Thursday night. The best that may be said of it was that at least it was over quickly as, replying to Gala’s total of 122, Selkirk collapsed to 23 all out.

Kenny Paterson had invited Gala to bat first and the visitors’ total was all the more impressive considering that accurate opening spells from Paterson and the returning Steven Wilson had put the home side on top. Indeed, after 11 overs Gala were just 46/2  – both wickets being claimed by Darren Fenton.

However Kris Mein and Neil Croooks led a counter-attack in which some stout hitting and agressive running put Selkirk’s all-too-brittle fielding under pressure. Though Croooks was eventually run-out for 28 the damage was done and Gala were on their way to posting a total that, on a soft wicket, was perhaps 20 runs more than par.

Not that, in the end, it needed to be that good. Selkirk’s innings was a disaster from start to finish. Matters began badly when Greg Fenton was run out with the score on just 3 and matters never improved thereafter as wickets fell at a steady clip. No batsman distinguished themselves and a casual observer could have been forgiven for thinking that there was an informal competition to see who could play the most reckless or ill-advised shot.

The chief beneficiary of this Selkirk largesse was Crooks who finished with the improbable figures of six for nine off his four overs. The canny veteran put the ball in the right place and let the batsmen be the authors of their own downfall.

In other circmstances Thomas Penman might have cause to celebrate carrying his bat. Doing so for a score of 6 not out in a total of 23 in a 20/20 game, alas, somewhat diminishes the achievement.

All in all, then, an evening to forget and forget quickly and for good. Opportunity for revenge will come on August 14th when Gala visit Philiphaugh.

Gala Innings
J Irvine c Banks b D Fenton 19
A Niven  b D Fenton 14
K Mein not out 39
N Crooks run out 28
D Hancock b Wilson 0
A Lawrie c ? b Wilson 6
R Hancock not out 0
b- 1 lb – 6 w–8 nb- 0 = 15
Total for 5 wickets 121

Fall of Wickets
1-35(1) 2-46(2) 3-110(4) 4-111(5) 5-119(6)

K Paterson 4-0-27-0 G Fenton 4-0-17-0 D Fenton 4-0-17-2 S Wilson 4-0-25-2 J Reid 4-0-28-0

Selkirk Innings
G Fenton run out 2
T Penman not out 6
S Wilson lbw b Paterson 1
R Banks c Millar b Crooks 2
K Paterson c K Mein b Crooks 4
D Fenton c Lawrie b Crooks 0
J Reid c Paterson b Mein 2
I Buckley b K Mein 0
A Massie c K Mein b Crooks 1
I Gardiner c Irvine b Crooks 0
L Oliver c Ormiston b Crooks 0
b- 1 lb –0 w– 4 nb- 0 = 5
Total for 10 wickets 23

Fall of Wickets
1-3(1) 2-6(3) 3-12(4) 4-17(5) 5-18(6) 6-20(7) 7-21(8) 8-22(9) 9-22(10) 10-23(11)

S Paterson 3-1-2-1  G Ormiston 2-0-4-0  N Crooks 4-1-9-6  K Mein 3-0-7-2

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