Junior and High School Sessions

Training sessions for Under 10s and Under 11s will begin on Sunday May 1st at 10am. All children – and their parents – are welcome as we begin the process of preparing for this summer’s Kwik Cricket and other junior festivals. Any new players should contact Neil Gentleman on 07834124088.

Meanwhile, for the first time in years there will be cricket at Selkirk High School! The school has agreed to reserve sports’ hall time for an after-school cricket club to take place from 5pm-6pm on Thursday this term. Posters will soon be on display in the High School advertising this. Sessions will run from May 12th until June 16th.

Current SCC members who attend SHS are encouraged to a) attend these sessions themselves and b) bring at least one friend who might be interested in trying out the sport. The sessions are open to all ages and no previous experience is required. Nor do new players need to possess any cricket kit as this will be supplied by the club.

Increasing the number of children in the Selkirk area playing cricket is vital to the club’s long-term health and all members are encouraged to think of ways in which this can be achieved and how, wherever possible, senior members can assist with the running of the junior and development sections.

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