Village People Abuse Their Visitors Mercilessly

St Boswells cantered to a comfortable eight wicket victory against Selkirk on Saturday thanks to powerful innings from the Villagers’ Steven Broom and Jamie Glover, both of whom wreaked havoc on the Selkirk bowling.

Remarkably Selkirk’s total of 106 was the highest scored against St Boswells in the Border League this season but once Broom and Glover began thumping the young Selkirk bowlers to all corners of the ground it became painfully apparent that Selkirk had fallen at least 100 runs short of a truly challenging target.

Annoyingly it could all have been better for the visitors but, not for the first time, Selkirk were masters of their own undoing. Everitt and Fenton had been largely untroubled as they built a reassuring opening partnership. Fate, armed with the lead piping, lurked around the corner however and was about to change the course of the match.

Everitt, you see, had stroked a lovely drive through the covers and determined that if it did not quite reach the long boundary he would damn well squeeze as many runs from the shot as he could. A comfortable, strollable two was therefore turned into a suicidal three. True, Elms’s throw from the boundary was a good one but credit – of a perverse sort – for the dismissal must go to Everitt who was in large part the author of his own downfall. This madness was the unanimous selection for the game’s Buckfast Moment.

If Everitt was the most abashed man in St Boswells on Saturday afternoon, Rory Banks was perhaps the most relieved. A nurdle into the covers off his first ball produced his first runs of the season, following three consecutive ducks. Clearly not wishing to risk too much of a good thing, these first two runs of the season were joined by just one more before the Bannerfield tyro fell for just 3.

Thereafter Selkirk’s innings limped along gingerly as the Boswells bowlers tightened their grip. With the score on 74 Broom trapped Greg Fenton LBW for a patient, well-composed 22 and though Wilkie and Reid had their moments the Selkirk innings began to collapse in all-too familiar style. Some credt for that should be granted to the St Boswells attack, of whom Elliot Hunter was the pick: the veteran may have lost some pace but not his accuracy.

Selkirk’s bowlers could learn from Hunter’s example. As it was, hope soared in Selkirk hearts when Reid dismissed both openers leaving the Villagers 12 for 2. Admittedly this hope was tinged with wariness since dismissing the Ruthvens only brought Broom and Glover to the crease. The former has been the circuit’s most reliable Hammer of the Souters in recent years but for once he was modestly overshadowed by his partner. Both batsmen were especially severe on anything overpitched and they were given ample opportunity to demonstrate their severity. Broom’s 44 came off just 42 deliveries while Glover faced but 44 balls for his 55.

A thumping then, and St Boswells remain top of the league. Selkirk’s next assignment is a 20/20 contest against Melrose at Philiphaugh on Thursday.

St Boswells vs Selkirk. Border League fixture. At the Green. Selkirk won the toss and chose to bat. St Boswells won by 8 wickets.

Selkirk Innings:

John Everitt*        Run Out 20
Greg Fenton        LBW b Broom 22
Rory Banks+        ct Turnbull b Hunter 3
Darren Fenton        b Broom 12
Ranald Wilkie        ct E Ruthven b Broom 8
John Graham        ct S Ruthven b Hunter 0
Jordan Reid         Not Out 17
Alex Massie         ct Broom b White 0
Iain Gardiner         c & b Turnbull 2
Blaine Gillie        b Turnbull 0
Malcolm Ford        LBW b White 0

Extras: 22
Total: 106 All Out (32.5 overs)

Bowling: Turnbull 8-2-14-2, Elms 5-0-20-0, Hunter 8-5-13-2, Broom 8-1-27-3, White 3.5-0-15-2

St Boswells Innings:

Scott Ruthven        b Reid 3
Elliot Ruthven        ct D Fenton b Reid 0
Steven Broom*        Not Out 44
Jamie Glover+        Not Out 55

Extras: 6
Total: 108/2 (17.3 overs)

Bowling:    D Fenton 4-0-12-0, Reid 6.30-46-2, G Fenton 5-1-31-0, Graham 2-0-15-0

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