Bambi’s Boys Are Thumped By Melrose

John Graham didn't pick the leg-spinner.

Tempting as it is to try and pretend that this match never happened honesty and the pitiless demands of posterity demand we acknowledge it took place. Selkirk’s 20/20 league campaign got off to an inauspicious start as the Souters slumped to a heavy defeat against Melrose last Thursday.

John Everitt and Michael Fenton were each missing from the Selkirk line-up and their absence proved significant. In Everitt’s absence the side was led by Rory Banks and the youngster, playing his final match before a six week college-related trip to Spain, led by example snaring two catches  – the second a screamer at extra cover  – a run out and two wickets taken with deliveries that cunningly lured the batsmen into false senses of security.

Melrose’s total of 106/9 on a green pitch was respectable but hardly intimidating. At least that was the theory. The reality proved rather different. Whereas Melrose’s top order all contributed important runs, Selkirk’s collapsed in abject style. Loftus was the chief wrecker, having Penman stumped and bowling Paterson in his first over.

A galling run out of the yes-no-oh-god-no variety did for Greg Fenton and from that point forward Selkirk’s innings was going backwards. Darren Fenton was the only batsman to reach double figures and even his score was beaten by Extras. If Loftus had torn through the top order, Furqan – who had previously made a wristy 26  – took apart the lower-middle order with his offspin. Poor John Graham, pictured above, did not pick Furqan’s leg-spinner – a variation thrown in as an extra torment for Selkirk’s batsmen.

So it was that Selkirk ended a lovely sunny summer’s evening in gloomy despondency. Most of what could go wrong did go wrong an Melrose thoroughly merited their victory. The Philiphaugh men do not have long to wait for a chance to take revenge, however: they visit Huntlyburn this Saturday for a Border League encounter.

Selkirk vs Melrose, Border 20/20 league at Philiphaugh, Thursday June 2nd. Selkirk won the toss and elected to bowl. Melrose won by 62 runs.

Melrose Innings:

C Green+        ct Graham b G Fenton 16
A Prabaher    b G Fenton 14
B Scott*        ct Wilkie b Banks 14
Furqan         ct Penman b Reid 26
R McLennan    ct Buckley b Banks 0
D Rhatigan    Run Out 7
A Irvine-Robertson    ct Reid b Paterson 0
M Ali            Not Out 12
C Chisholm    ct Banks b Paterson 2
E Jessop        ct Banks b Reid 4
J Loftus         Not Out 2

Extras: 9
Total: 106/9 (20 overs)

Bowling:Paterson 4-0-22-2, G Fenton 4-0-16-2, D Fenton 4-0-23-0, Reid 4-0-26-2, Banks 4-0-16-2

Selkirk Innings:

G Fenton        Run Out 2
T Penman+    st Green b Loftus 0
K Paterson    b Loftus 2
D Fenton        ct Unknown b Furqan 11
R Banks*        LBW b Loftus 0
R Wilkie        b Loftus 0
J Reid        b Furqan 3
J Graham         b Furqan 0
I Buckley        Run Out 7
I Gardiner        Not Out 4
B Gillie         Run Out 0

Extras: 15
Total 44 All Out (16 overs)

Bowling: Prabaher 4-1-5-0, Loftus 4-0-12-4, Rhatigan 3-0-12-0, Furqan 3-0-12-3, Jessop 1-0-3-0

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