Everitt Bosses Bossie

A splendid half century from skipper John Everitt was the key to Selkirk’s 22 run victory against St Boswells in the Border 20/20 league last Thursday evening. The Forestry Commission manager announced his intentions as early as the second over, biffing Broom over the deep midwicket boundary for six.

Everitt was ruthless on anything short and, save for one close LBW shout, produced a chanceless innings before he finally fell in the 17th over of the innings. By then, however, Selkirk were well on their way to posting a properly competitive total. Everitt had been given fine support by Greg Fenton until the Bannerfield teenager holed out to long-on, undone by a fine tumbling catch by Broom.

His elder brother Darren, however, batted with a becoming measure of maturity, eschewing wild heaves at the ball and showing himself content ad able to pick up easy singles. For once a Selkirk innings was distinguished by excellence and, just as vitally, consistency and all involved with the club would dearly love to see this become something so normal it will not be thought worthy of comment in the future.

Defending 119 – Everitt, incidentally, had won the toss for the first time this season – Selkirk got off to a fine start when Reid accounted for both Boswells openers. That brough Broom to the crease and it is fair to acknowledge that these were trepidatious moments for the home side since the St Boswells skipper has been a mercilous foew these past few seasons.

It looked as though Broom might sweep Selkirk away once again as he motored to a rapid 31 but this time, at least, he did not have the last word. Instead Everitt had the better of the rival skippers’ mano a mano duel when, lurking at deep backward point, he was in perfect position to pouch Broom’s uppish cut off the bowling of Darren Fenton.

With Broom back in the pavilion Selkirk sensed the chance of victory and keen bowling and some sharp fielding duly propelled the hosts to a splendid triumph. Graham and the Fenton brothers were in the wickets and St Boswells were soon in such a hopeless position that Everitt was able to indulge himself and give some of his more occasional bowlers an over or two. It was one of those sun-kissed nights when even this kind of risky ploy paid a dividend as Gillie and Buckley each took a wicket to seal a fine victory over a gallant, if admittedly under-strength, St Boswells side.

Selkirk vs St Boswells, Border 20/20 League at Philiphaugh on Thursday June 30th. Selkirk won by 22 runs. Selkirk won the toss and elected to bat.

Selkirk Innings

Greg Fenton    c S Broom b J Broom 26
John Everitt*    c Chambers b Broom 52
Darren Fenton    Run Out 20
Ranald Wilkie+    Not Out 7
Jordan Reid     Did Not Bat
John Graham    Did Not Bat
Alex Massie    Did Not Bat
Ian Buckley    Did Not Bat
Chris Fairbairn    Did Not Bat
Blaine Gillie    Did Not Bat
Malcolm Ford    Did Not Bat

Extras: 14
Total: 119 (20 overs)

Bowling: Elms 4-0-11-0, S Broom 4-0-30-1, Deans 2-0-21-0, Potter 2-0-17-0, J Broom 4-1-18-1, Patterson 4-0-21-0

St Boswells Innings:

T Goodman    b Reid 4
R Borthwick+    b Reid 2
S Broom*        c Everitt b D Fenton 31
A McIlroy        c G Fenton b D Fenton 5
R Elms        c G Fenton b D Fenton 0
B Potter        b Graham 12
S Hunter        b Graham 3
J Broom        c Everitt b Gillie 6
C Patterson    Run Out 14
J Chambers    c Fairbairn b Buckley 11
G Deans        Not Out 1

Extras: 8
Total: 97 All Out (19.4 overs)

Bowling: G Fenton 4-0-17-1, Reid 2-0-6-2, Ford 4-0-30-0, D Fenton 4-0-11-2, Graham 3-0-14-2, Gillie 1-0-9-1, Fairbairn 1-0-5-0, Buckley 0.4-0-5-1

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