Muckle Ado About A Mickle

Ages ago – or so it seems and your correspondent apologises for his tardiness in updating thw website – Selkirk’s 2nd XI had reason to thank the weather gods for saving them from defeat against Langholm’s reserve outfit.

The Sunday of the Common Riding weekend is an inauspicious day for cricket in Selkirk and it was a weary collection of players who volunteered to represent the town on Sunday June 19th. The Burgh Standard had been exercised and returned “unsullied and untarnished”; it was not obvious the same could be said for Selkirk’s cricketers.

In cold and windy and drizzling conditions Selkirk won the toss and opted to bat first. Thomas Penman and Greg Fenton began well, laying the foundation for what should have been a challenging total. Alas their successors failed to build upon the teenagers’ work as only Prtichard, who smote some characteristically lusty blows, making a significant score. Euan Wilson proved the chief tormenter, finishing with 5 wickets. From 85/3 – a position of some cofort – Selkirk tumbled to 106 all out.

Rain was never far away, however, and a fresh shower delayed the restart after the tea interval. Indeed the players traipsed off no fewer than three times before a cataclysmic shower put paid to any hopes Langholm might have had that a result might be possible and brought and abrupt end to proceedings. The visitors may feel hard done by but few, if any, Souters regretted not having to field for the full 40 overs.

Selkirk 2nd XI vs Langholm 2nd XI at Philiphaugh on June 19th 2011. Match Abandoned. Selkirk won the toss and chose to bat.

Selkirk Innings:

Greg Fenton        c Rainford b D Little 19
Thomas Penman+    b Wilson 22
Darren Fenton         c C Little b Wilson 2
Ryan Pritchard        c Reid b Wilson 26
Chris Fairbairn        b Pool 13
Ranald Wilkie         b Wilson 0
Alex Massie*        c Stewart b Wilson 1
Gordon Branston     c Wilson b Pool 11
John Graham        Run Out 0
Mitchell Branston    c Rainford b Pool 2
Ian Banks         Not Out 2

Extras: (1lb, 7w) 8
Total: 106 All Out (31 Overs)

Bowling : D Little 8-1-18-1, C Little 5-0-27-0, E Wilson 8-0-28-5, J Pool 8-1-24-3, J Reid 2-0-8-0

Langholm Innings:

Jamie Ashton-Smith    Not Out 11
Ross Rae            Not Out 21

Extras: (1b) 1
Total 43/0 (12 overs)

Bowling: Wilkie 6-1-18-0, Pritchard 5-0-23-0, Graham 1-0-1-0

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