Selkirk Men Embarrassed By Kelso Swingers

The old saw says success has a hundred fathers but failure is an orphan. Perhaps so but not at Philiphaugh on Saturday where responsibility for Selkirk’s capitulation against Kelso must be shared by John Everitt’s players.

Kelso will reflect upon an excellent bowling performance in helpful conditions but Selkirk’s batsmen know, deep within their souls, that too many of them played too carelessly in conditions that demanded rigorous application and a thrawn determination to give nothing away. It was, in short, a day for Boycott not Gower. Limitations should be recognised, not ignored or considered irrelevant.

Everitt had – unusually – won the toss and beneath blue skies and with the ground swamped by sunshine batting first was a perfectly respectable decision. Alas, by the time the batsmen sauntered out to the wicket clouds had rolled in and the air took on a heavy, muggy, quality that invited swing.

So it proved. Selkirk’s batsmen were treated – if that’s quite the right term – to a virtuoso display of medium-pace bowling by Jason Gibson. Giving nothing away, he threatened in every over and was unfortunate to only take two wickets. First Greg Fenton made an ill-advised attempt to hit across the line of Gibson’s outswing and was caught at mid-on; next Thomas Penman discovered – too late, alas – that it was not a day for driving and slapped a simple catch to Wightman at point.

Meanwhile Tom Grindle was offering excellent support from the other end, finding plenty of movement himself. Much depended on Everitt and he saw off three overs of Wightman’s legspin in careful fashion.

Darren Fenton, however, was undone by a lovely off-cutter from Stevie Patterson and Kelso sensed Souter blood. Everitt, mounting a Rorke’s Drift-style rearguard action, was finally tempted once too often and succumbed, caught behind, to Patterson. Twelve runs from 20 overs may sound a meagre return but in the circumstances it was an innings marked by fortitude in the face of adversity if also, it must be acknowledged, by eventual defeat. The Zulus won this time.

The rest of the Selkirk innings did little to give the home support anything to cheer about and it all ended when, seeking to keep the strike, Massie ran out Banks with an ill-judged – that is, stupid – single.

39 is no kind of score to defend and so it duly proved, though Jordan Reid had the satisfaction of dismissing four of Selkirk’s younger batsmen to earn a bowling bonus point for Selkirk. Mark Henderson once again showed why he’s regarded as such a promising talent at Shedden Park as Kelso romped to a comfortable six wicket victory.

Kelso bowled splendidly but Selkirk’s batsmen gave them too much assistance. This was galling since, given the conditions, a score of even 120 might have been competitive. It was not to be, however.

Selkirk vs Kelso, Border League. Philiphaugh, Saturday July 2nd. Kelso won by six wickets. Selkirk won the toss and chose to bat.

Selkirk Innings:

John Everitt*        ct M Henderson b SD Patterson 12
Greg Fenton        ct B Grindle b Gibson 7
Thomas Penman+    ct T Wightman b Gibson 3
Darren Fenton        b SD Patterson 3
Jordan Reid         ct M Henderson b Fingland 2
Ranald Wilkie        ct Wilson b Fingland 3
John Graham         ct Wilson b SD PAtterson 1
Alex Massie        Not Out 3
Chris Fairbairn        b C Davidson 0
Ian Banks         Run Out 0

Extras: (1lb, 2w, 1nb) 4
Total: 39 All Out (27 overs)

Bowling: Gibson 8-3-9-2, T Grindle 5-0-11-0, Wightman 3-0-5-0, Fingland 6-3-6-2, Patterson 4-1-6-3, Davidson 1-0-1-1

Kelso Innings:

M Henderson+        Not Out 31
T Grindle            ct Wilkie b Reid 1
K Fingland        ct Penman b Reid 5
R Hogarth            b Reid 0
T Roberts            b Reid 0
B Grindle            Not Out 0

Extras: (2b, 2w) 4
Total: 42/4 (15 overs)

Bowling: D Fenton 5-2-6-0, Reid 7-1-12-4, G Fenton 3-0-22-0

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